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Boca Raton - South Beach - Florida


LOXOTEL is an 84,000 SF boutique hotel in the Boca Raton located in South-Eastern Coast, North of Miami City. The single-story building includes 36 guestrooms, two restaurants, rooftop and VIP lounges, outdoor pool and pool bar, a gym, event space, and ground floor retail.

LOXOTEL sits on a through-block site and is adjacent to the Beachline. 

The tiles reflect the sky, sun, and moon, and when the light hits the façade perfectly, the stainless steel disintegrates and the circular windows appear to float like bubbles. The orthogonal panels fold at the corners, continuing the slope and generating a contrasting effect to the window pattern of the north façade.

Project Details

Client: LOXOTEL Resorts Corporation

Date: June 6, 2019

The focus of the resort’s layout and its life is the urban-style piazza with restaurants, shops, and bars. Architecture brings tropical interpretations to contemporary urban themes, softened by natural forms, local detailing, and materials. Buildings integrate with the resorts extensive lush tropical gardens. A unique architectural feature is the adjustable “windbreaks” that modulate the offshore breezes.
LOXOTEL is being developed by Loxo Resorts, which also owns and operates AAALounge, sister resorts on the east coast. LOXOTEL’ five-star properties are on the east coast and South Beach in Florida.

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